SVN Texture Face settings.

Now that UV is in edit mode I can’t seem to find the “copy draw mode” button

(for copying the texture face settings from active to all selected faces)

Now, I can use the "Ctrl f " -“face mode set” to edit a selection of faces, but that menu won’t let me set “opaque”, “add” or “alpha”.

This is unfortunate as when I bake a lightmap the baked image has alpha and it is automatically changing my faces to “alpha”, but I want them to be opaque.

(currently I either set one face at a time back to opaque or I have to open the model in 2.45 and set it from UV face select mode) not hard, just inconvenient…
so does anyone know how to change the “texture face” Alpha for multiple polygons?

In edit mode and face selection, simply select some faces and at last the face you want to copy attributes from then do “Ctrl-C” (and make your choice, in this case “Active Transp”).
Et voilà ! :wink:



that’s a bit better…

I wonder why it was removed from the Texture Face panel though…
Ah well.