Swamp hut


Second floor with rope bridge :+1:


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Nice image, interesting topic, good balance, rule of three… this is mighty fine! :smiley:

Honestly the only thing that bothers me, is that the bark is too big.
It should be having smaller cracks all over and possibly more moss within the cracks.

Are there going to be inside renders some day?
Would you show us some more? (Clay, Wire, other views…)

Aaaand I saved you to my wallpaper-folder… :+1:

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This is so great! I love the idea a lot. The modeling looks really good - the tree shape is really pleasing with that one giant root coming out on the left.

Not sure if you are looking for critique, but the only thing I wish would have been a little different is the smoke coming out of the chimney - it’s a little too thick maybe?

I saw the comment by tech-freak about the bark, and yes, it could be smaller, but that it’s OK as it is… the giant redwood trees around here have a very rough bark not much unlike what you have in this render.

Overall - fantastic work and a beautiful render.

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Adventure Time, hahaha…
What a wonderful art!

I know! So honored:)

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Nice! Beaautiful Render !

Super Render Farm

awesome design! it is so dreamy :fairy:

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Thanks for your advice! I agree, I probably should have spent more time on making sure the textures were more to scale. I think I just got to a point where I just wanted to be done with it. Hmm maybe I will do some interior renders in the future, it probably won’t be anytime soon as I am pretty bored with this project for now. Thanks again for your comments!

Thank you for your comment and critique! looking back, I would definitely change a lot of things in the image, but I think I just got to a point tot where I needed to be done with it. I will for sure use what I have learned form this project in my next one.

Thanks again for the comment!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

wowie wowie. Looking good up on top row! Such a nice house!

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Fantastic job! It evokes a feeling of “I wish I live there.”


A new home for Shrek.

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trees are excellent. The bark is perfect.
water is excellent. Oh my god some of the smudges and grasses. Beautiful.
Modelling is excellent.
To improve:
smoke coming out is too white and drags the eye towards it.
the houses don’t sit in the bark - they look stuck on. Come on! they also could do with some more green on them - like the trees and that would make them more integrated in the scene.
the orange windows are good, but need a tiny bit more depth.
You are amazing, keep it up!

I honestly cannot say how much I love this. :sparkling_heart:

Your mastery in creating it, is obvious.
But the design… The idea… When an image transports the viewer INTO the scene.
And you imagine yourself living there. Thats “Art.”

Just beautiful done. :trophy:


Thank you!

Thank you so much! You bring up a lot of good points, your input is greatly appreciated!