Swamp Mill


This is an interesting job. I even wanted to know more about how windmills work, and especially this thing on the blade.


I’m no specialist, but it seems to me that there are several things wrong here.
There seems to be a mix between a fixed windmill and a wind turbine that can rotate (z axis).


The structures in the image combine features of traditional fixed windmills and rotating wind turbines. This mix of designs might create an unusual appearance in the picture. Actually, with this, I intended to present a scene that is both familiar and innovative to the viewer.

Thanks :smile: A tail vane or wind direction indicator is used to determine the wind direction and ensure that the rotating blades of a wind turbine or windmill stay oriented correctly. These mechanisms allow the turbine or windmill to automatically adjust its direction to make the most efficient use of the wind.

Sorry to insist, but your mill really isn’t going to work well as it is.

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It might not be very plausible (as well as appearing to be fixed, the windmills should probably be facing in the same direction), but its a pleasing image with a good atmosphere and lighting!


Open to criticism, my friend. Please do not hesitate to criticize.

Hahaha! Thank you, I guess I’ll have to read up on the workings of windmills.

If you keep the main building, you should either make the wings stick out (and remove the weather vane), or put the wind turbine on top.
At the moment, the wings are just in front of the façade. The wind won’t be able to circulate and turn them.

If you want to keep the weathervane, you have to put it behind the wings.
It’s a hinged element that turns the wings against the wind (to make the mill turn) or, on the contrary, once it’s folded up, turns them in the direction of the wind when you don’t want them to turn any more.
At least that’s what I understand from looking at some references.

Your image is really good and it would be a shame if its main element had an obvious malfunction.


Thank you you are so kind. My next project will be a mill again. So far I’ve gathered a few references and gleaned a few pieces of information about their workings. I’m sure what you wrote will be useful to me. Have a nice day.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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