Swamp Racer

Something I am wokring on for a jpoint project with X warrior.

Havent posted any CG in ages.
What if a WW2 Aircraft (p-51 mustang) was converted into a 450 mph swamp racer? I think you would get this…


wow thats great the details is very cool cant w8 to see the end result

oh more details than when I left, awesome stuff mate!

Tomorrow if I have time I’ll get to work on another racer! :smiley: This thing will rock the place!

maybe have the exhaust pipe going a bit up instead of down? this way the hot air coming out of it wouldn’t burn the wire attaching the boat to the main body :stuck_out_tongue: just a suggestion. but it does look awesome right now!

That is SWEET! :o

One thing… the P-51 had a rather large intake on it’s belly (removed on your racer for rather obvious reasons), there’s a reason the plane had the intake… so, you might want to consider putting some intakes, or an intake on her. That’s just being nit-picky though, it looks great as it is!

Nice modeling - putting materials on it is going to tell you more about your model geometry - but at this stage it looks pretty sweet.

It also looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Is the cone on the prop just a hair elongated (more than a real nose cone)?


Yes, the nose cone is totally different. Still not done with it. As for the P51 having the scoop, oh, I know. I figured the engine is probably different and it could do without. Besides, it’s hanging right out in the air so it’s aircooled now!

Great work, as usual, Nayman. You always manage to come up with a great mix of old and new.

/me needs to model a ship again sometime.