Hey there!
This is my newest project, a swampdragon!
The model and the bumpmap is finished, but I´m still working on the colormap.

C&C are welcomed!


That thing just stares at you like it’s about to open it’s mouth and chew and devour you.

Good work on the bumpmap, I wonder if you’ll model the inside of his mouth too?

Hey Cyborg Dragon,
thanks for the coment!
No, I didn´t model the inside of his mouth. I just dont need it because it´ll be a still at the end.

CD and his ( stupid ) devour obsession… U.=.U . Any chance on a side view? Good pose but more to see would be nice. ( is it just me or those this guy remind me of the dragon from shrek? )

here´s a side- and a detailview.
Now you know that I cheated with the … ehm…beaks(?) Sorry for my bad english :smiley:


Yeah… I thought so :smiley: . As good as it looks from front side as bad it looks from the side… but if it’s intended only for a still one can get away with this easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey that’s look’n good. How long have you been using blender?

That’s looking pretty dragon-tastic. I’ll have to comment again later when I’m not using the only monitor in this house with the contrast turned up so high that I can only see the wireframe, although I certainly like what little I can discern.

thanks for the comments!
I´ve been using Blender for a year now, but since I´m graduating from school at the moment, I could only use Blender for 1-2 hours a week.

Started with the environment and modelled some mushrooms.


You could add a clouds texture with nabla = .100 and use it to warp the blend texture a little by enabling warp by pushing the button and setting a value, it will give a little turbulence to the blending, unless you already did that of course seeing a little uneven-ness in the white there.

What exactly is this nabla parameter doing anyways? Never seemed to have any effects on anything ( that said the clouds & co. filters are a bit restricted… why no “seed” parameter as in GIMP? simple but effective ).

Nice dragon…come here…cutchi cutchi…arggggggggggggghhhh he bite me, he bite me! Ok, enough stupidity, i happen to love dragons (i have 2 tatooed) and i think this one is great, with the nice atmosphere you’ll get a great still. Already loving the mushrooms :smiley:

There are two functions the nabla parameter does.

1). Allow for tuning procedural bump maps. A low nabla value such as 0.005 will allow for much sharper bumpmapping of the texture, so small details bump a lot better and look better (small pebbles). A high nabla value will allow for greater bumping intensity, but will not be as accurate to the small details, but good for things like large rocks.

2). Dictate the warp intensity a procedural texture gives to textures below it, take a blend texture and a large clouds texture, with the nabla at 0.005, the blend texture will just barely be warped with the warp parameter at the max. A nabla at 0.100 will allow much greater warping effect and make the blend texture much more uneven as so if the color of a mesh provided by the blend texture does not look at all like it stops at a predetermined height, though it becomes less the higher the elevation.

With these uses I can’t imagine it going away.