Swampy Shack Jux

Hey all!

Just finished up this little personal project. Practicing a few things.

Was inspired by a random piece of art by Nakshatra Soni: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k8BNK

Still had trouble pulling out the denoise artifacts–the scene is dark and I’ve employed a volumetric fog…tons of noise to deal with. Even with 1000 samples, and a proper denoise data composite, I still didn’t get the detail I wanted in the background trees.

Rig: i-7 8700, 2070, 16gb RAM
Samples: 1000
Render Time: 1hr 30
Creation Time: 9 hours

Thanks for allowing me to share!


Pretty tough community. Been lurking for a long time and participating for a while now…seeing how things go down.

It’s pretty heart-breaking to see a piece like this get TWO LIKES in three weeks. 2? Really? I was really proud of this.

Am I alone in feeling a bit hurt by this? And it happens quite often, to me at least. I’m no Ian Hubert, but boy is it a tough crowd. Sheesh.

lol. I’m sorry I’m butt hurt. It’s probably just the zeitgeist.

It’s got a mood and atmosphere, but it also hits a lot of rookie notes. It’s tough to get noted and especially when you fall in love with a piece. If you really ran it through the community and did a FC and really listened you could have increased the impact greatly while also letting go of many of the CG cliches. I’d take another crack at the piece, do FC with the new one and get the thing to the next level.

The big stuff the jumps out:
The bump on the wood is clunky and ham handed, everyone uses wood and often use the colormap for bump, it has this weird uncanny look to it.

The tree in the background appears hand drawn, and has style clash. jack the volumetrics on it, or get a better tree. (or move the rest of thew piece to a painterly style)

The uber saturated chrismas lights and the glare. glare always get an eye roll. and the lights also seem bogus. like they’re too big and havey but don’t really obey gravity.

the rock and surrounding grass are budget cg rocks looks plastic. the ax also has this trite feeling to it, and seems out of scale, it’s like maybe there’s a killer inside.

the scene overall, kind of cool. I like fog, I like little cabins in the wood. but the shot is bizarre a huge chunk of canvas is this empty wooden exterior wall.

revisit the camera angle, go with white/yellow lights, experiment with light glare, mist/z blurring. make the cabin more intricately modeled, and relying less on wood/bump texture. add more geometry on it, moss, vines, paint, rain, squirrel shit…
kill the grass or buy grasswald, hand paint it, increase the numbers and makeit all smaller.

It’s good, it a really solid start, but needs some love.

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Thank you thank you! This is what I was hoping for in the community. But it’s the first time I got actual feedback.

I’m totally aware that a lot of the elements are…far from photo real. I don’t think CG images always need to be photo real to be a ‘successful’ still image. For instance, I show this to my brother who has no idea how to do CG, and he’s blown away. I show it to a CG pro, and they have a laundry list of shit to fix. I totally get it, and I totally love the feedback. And I totally agree with most of your points. I decided it was ‘finished’, and I’ve moved on. It’s just hard to see this piece get 2 likes, when I’ve seen other artists who are way less ‘experienced’ than me get five times the number of likes and a myriad comments. It happens to me a lot. I know I don’t deserve dozens and dozens of likes, questions or comments…but 2 and no comments feels bad. Maybe this piece rings ‘budget amateur’ all over the place and I need to learn that and get over it. By the way, this is a trend with all the work I’ve shared. Which is why I’m posting.

I appreciate the feedback. I really do. At least I feel…seen. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

This has huge potential. If you address those issues, and work a little on a focal point and even simple story (not the ax murdered), you could have a really nice piece here. Great art isn’t made, it’s iterated.

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