Swampybeast (need some initial advice)

I’ve been jumping in and out of blender when i’ve got the chance lately and have decided to concentrate on a single idea that I can’t seem to get right to improve my performance.

I’ve taken a step back to paper to do a few concepts, once I get my scanner back i’ll share my atrocious drawing skills with you all to see where i’m coming from.

But to start modelling i’ve immediately come across a problem. Is it better to model a humanoid at full stretch and then rig it to deform if it is meant to be hunched over? or do I cut corners and model it slouched? will this majorly affect rigging?

I know the saying goes that if you can cheat, do it. I just don’t want to slack off now to find I need to remodel the whole upper body because of it.

scans to follow in the next couple of days :wink:


As far as I understand you are having thoughts, referring to whether you would model a human and then deform it into something weird or just modeling the Weird and the rigging the thing.(Correct me If I’m wrong)

I think the best way is to model the Weird and the rigging shouldn’t prove to be to difficult.

Your choice really…

Fort Ash

fort ash is correct . . . it’s your choice really. you must take into account of the time constraints you have and what you envisage the mesh will be “acting”, and ofcourse your own level of “perfection”