My mate started doing an eagle yesterday so in the traditional spirit of competition i’m doing this swan to show just how much better i am:p(or to show how woefully inferior).

Any advice would be great as this is my first attempt at an animal. i need to fix up the normals, i did the autocalc to fix a few odd ones out and it screwed them all up.

http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/albums.php <— thx for hosting my images[/img]

Looks pretty good. Just a couple of crits.
1: Where the wing’s connect to the body, looks really weird. It could just be the angle thou.
2: The legs should be pinkish orange.

And that’s it from me. Great start :smiley:

ah didn’t see that. i think it’s cause of the way i rigged it, fixed it up.

the legs are actually black, but i hadn’t done much to it in that reguard. when i’m done modeling i’ll uvmap it so any colours atm are just a guide.