I want to model a swan but its kinda hard cuz im a bigginer and i cant find a nice pic with a swan from 2 angles like face and a side of it could anyone give me a swan (MD2 file) or give me some pics that i could use?

A gazillion reference images http://images.google.co.uk/search?tbm=isch&hl=en&source=hp&biw=1888&bih=1178&q=swan&gbv=2&oq=swan&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=938l1622l0l1950l4l4l0l0l0l0l173l550l1.3l4l0
Model swan (sort of) http://thefree3dmodels.com/stuff/animal/swan/24-1-0-1390

yeah but im not yet able to make a swan from that kind of picture i would like smt like this , but to show 2 faces of the swan

i need a image like this with both sides of the swan:
or could u make a swan for me?:smiley: plz

Why don’t you try to or just do a quick rough sketch yourself to get you started.
Don’t use an excuse that you don’t have a technical drawing of a swan down to mm precision to prevent you trying. Use you mind and imagination.

yeah thats a kinda Huge problem i dont have imagination(im seriously i failed art class) im a completly anti-talent at art and i just cant image a swan or things like that (if i could i wouldn’t need a pic to model one), and dont worry i tryed about 4 days to make the swan before i asked for help

You are not untalented. I dislike the word “talent” because it implies that “talented” people don’t have to wok hard to become good at what ever it is they do. Similarly, I dislike the word “gifted”, for the same reason. People have this strange need to shift things outside of themselves. No offence - I simply mean that most “talented” people you’ll meet in the world also happen to work hard to become so. I will grant you that some people are better at some things than others. You may never be an excellent artist, but you’ll never know that if you think of yourself as untalented.

How to draw a swan (or anything for that matter):

Look at a lot of pictures of swans, and try to see the big forms, and how they relate to each other. Details come dead last. Try to work out the proportions - the curve of the neck, the mass of the torso, the small head etc. Really see - don’t just look. Ask questions: How does the head relate to the body? Is it about 1/4 of the size? etc. Art is a process. By the way, I have degree in fine art.

Ok so afte some hardcore drawing hours(i dont like drawing at all) i manage to do smt but i need some advises on what should i change and how (the biggest problem was and is the neck i think)
P.S. i dont really care about the bottom cuz im actually makeing a game and the swan will swim so the bottom doesnt matter


you can add a circle then scale it so it fit a good part of the beck then remove unwated verts
then do it again with another part of the neck
and after you can join these different shapes into one mesh for the neck!

should be easy to do
but do it in 3D not in 2D

and hard work is the only thing that makes thngs happen
ask Michael Angelo!

see this site as example but not for 3D sorry!


and there is more then one way to do it in blender!

you could do it with cuves and bevel curves

or do it with mesh circle and follow the neck shape

happy 2.6

that was just a hand scratch that i made to help me build the swan in blender lol

the only graphics programs i know are: Video editing software and a very little bit of 3ds max so plz dont start talking how to do things in 3ds max bc i was thinking of takeing the cube and just arrange it so it fits ok on the 2 pics( il make one with the front tomorrow

Confused. This is a blender forum. No one is giving you advice for 3ds max. Your swan will be a cube? How old are you?

First , i will do it in blender , Second i was thinking of makeing it by useing the default cube with a mirro and the lovely E key, and after i get the rough shape il start the smoothing and so on. If u ask im 15 and i mosly just stated working with this kind of stuff(i said i know a lil 3ds max bc mostly is the same thing )

Hi taigi100
Great start. It may look simple to others, but actually the process you’ve been going through drawing, will help you on to modelling the swan 3-dimensionally.
Keep it up.
Some people find it easier to draw things than others. it’s called talent whether you like the expression or not and some people do things better than others - simple fact of life. But … we can all learn and Blender is an excellent way of improving your skills, be it artistic drawings, architectural designs or whatever.



ok i followed a tutorial and managed to make a human body (but most of its parts are not round like a swan’s hes got too many muscles lol) I was hopeing if u know any good tutorial that could help me out to make a swan or anything like that it would be great, or atleast a tutorial on how to make a fat guy lol :slight_smile: .

or it would be lovely if someone could give me his/hers skype and talk while makeing it and help me a lil

ok got this untill now how should i edit the wings? i mean i need kinda good looking wings


You’ll need to post a bigger image and a wire for an accurate reply.

Welcome to the Honor Society of “Folks Who Can’t Draw …” It sure was getting lonely around here.

Try this:

  • Choose some pictures of a real swan. Put them up as a “backdrop” on the modeling page so that you can align your model directly with that drawing.
  • When you model something for a computer, try to think like a computer. For instance, you know that a swan’s neck is going to need to twist and bend, therefore it’s going to pretty-much be essential to base your model on a mathematical curve instead of basing it on a mesh
  • This might lead you to the notion of “a bevel-curve,” basically making the swan’s neck out of a tube. Try it. Just the neck.
  • Plowing big-time into the NURBS-modeling (et al…) tutorials now, think about your problem and how the various ideas that you see in those sections might possibly relate to your objective (which, by the way, is a difficult one).

One more thing to consider, at least in my very-limited experience, is that you may well require several models of a single object. A fairly common trick seems to be to first introduce a nice close-up of the object … maybe the swan sails right by the cam and gives you a wink or at least a catch-light in the eyes … and from that point forward you can get away with murder, because (for several seconds at least …) the viewer will see detail that actually isn’t there. What the viewer “sees” is actually coming from his or her memory, and (s)he doesn’t know it. (This is why Star Wars Episode One actually shipped to theaters with a podracer-crowd shot that actually consisted of colored Q-tip cotton swabs. No one noticed until a “Making Of…” book pointed out the trick. The shot has since been replaced.)

So, is there “one way to do it?” Uhh, no. You do what works. Shot by shot. And in so doing, you try to be consistent.

tryed the picture thing but kinda failed 2nd im a completly noob with the differences between meshes and curves and 3rd i dont want it to be really good looking but i want there to be something that looks like wings
And theres no need for a bigger pic since i dont care at all about the face and i dont want it to be like an expert swan or such