SWAP level count

So im currently just finished up on level 8 of swap but i just wanted to get some feedback on how many levels you guys think would be good for the game, expesically if i sell if for $9.99

So ya im thinking around 20 levels including a intro and outro type thing, the outro leading to the next “phase” of swap… :eyebrowlift: so ya does 20 levels sound good?

my goal is to have the game completely finished by sometime in June.

ok I go to bed now its like almost 11:00 at night here.

Is sounds enough yes, but how long is playtime for an average gamer that isn’t you? (isn’t you because you know how to pass levels)

I reccomend giving it to a friend (or family) and getting them to play it if you want to get an evaluation of time.
For $10 I would expect 30 minutes minimum (33c a minute)

ok ya ill see if i can get my sister to play it. Also if you guys have any ideas for level puzzles or anything feel free to tell me or make a blend or anything. Ill most likely put them in the game.