SWAP level editor?

How would i go about making a level editor for my game swap?

right now its very tedios making levels doing SHIFT + D + x +3

to align each tile. i have bin using the snap to grid to align all the tiles but it still takes for ever dragging the tiles around. so i was wondering if there was a way to create a blend that i can open up select the different objects that are in the game from tiles to everything else then place it somewhere in the scene and have it snap to the grid.

then have it save the each level in a surtan directory.

We definitely need an alignment function which allows…

to align to the:

selection center,

of objects in:

-space on all three the axis:

for each translation type;
move, (grab)

Alignment should be done on objects (bounding box) not (by default) on vertices or faces… :confused:

There was an AddOn which did some of these alignments for us… but not for SNAP functionality.
mwah, but this doesn’t help you,… just try to show some empathy :slight_smile:
And the same counts for SNAP functionality,…

Maybe does the controlled movement help?
Use CTRL to lock to increments while translating?

so i basically have the everything for the level editor working but i need it to save everything when i exit the game so i run the game build the level with the tool i made then when i hit ESC it saves all the objects that are placed and all the tiles.

And ya i tried the snap withe the CTRL but its still pretty tedious.

is there any way of saving the level after you make it? to use in the game?

Why are you not using Blenders Snap?

Just hold <ctrl> while moving the object around.

This makes it quite easy to create raster levels.

Could you make your own levels in SWAP? (in a free play mode?)

ya thats also what i was thinking basiclly right now i have a first person level editor kind like minecraft. ill post a video soon im just uploading it right now.

Monster: that is what im doing but its still is very tedious but its not that bad. but with level editor i can play ad interact with the level as i make it rather then starting and stopping again and again. and later on if i decide to i can open it up and let other people make levels and share them.

here is a link to the video testing out the level editor or part of it anyways but i am having trouble getting the tiles to line up as you will see in the video.

EDIT: actually pasting the link might help a little bit. :smiley:

Yay 1st comment on the video!!!, And just one thing, is there any AIs?

thanks! do you mean enemy’s if so…:smiley:

do you have any thoughts on how to solve the problem i was showing in the video?

I say that it was detecting a “Cube” not a “Plain” for an collision field for the pieces.

That’s about a’ll I can think of… oh and (don’t send me one from your game just a mock-up) could you send me a .blend file on how you did your auto place pieces… I’v tried it in blender and ended up making a Blender Crash Bomb 4000…

Oh and I think if you where (maybe?) just make you box emitter thingy a bit small it could help…

what do you mean auto place pieces?

Um I thought that was it was called… Its where you have your cursor at and click (or whatever button you have it as.) and it will spawn a piece… or delete it. Unless you know what it is called then I’m just going to call it an Auto Spawner…

oh that. ya its pretty simple just have a empty or and objects parented to the player camera and have it so on mouse click it adds a object. mine is snapped thow.

Oh okay thanks, but snapped? I’ve heard of this but I never did get these things right, how would you do snap them together.

(Yes I know, I’m asking dumb things but I’m a newbie at this stuff… I like knowledge of how to do things.)

just meaning the object that adds the tiles that is parented to the camera moves in entervals of 2 or so.

Same here im a noobie to.

The Question is not so n00bish, I think. I myself wondered how did that.
A mathematical Ceil or Floor Function?

About your Problem: Spawn the Tiles with a local Z-Offset (-1 bu).
The Problem is that they are alwas spawned at the Center. Imagine making a Cube out of 6 Planes, they will need to have an Offset to the Center or otherwise you just get 6 Planes crossed on all three Axes, as is the Case right now.
(edit: I always had expected that this Offset already is Part of the basic Mesh for all those Tiles, as that would have made Sense to me. I would probably recommend that.)

(Sidenote: You’ve uploaded the same Video twice.)

its a problem that i thought seamed so easy but i took me the better part of the day to figure it out and evetually i did so what i did is have the adder object move have the distance when i rotate it so that it aligns right. If that makes any sence sry is almost 11 o clock here. anyways

ya sry about that i dont know why or how it uploaded it twice.

Try the snap to increment feature. Make sure the magnet is checked:

ya that is what i am using