Swap meshes with identical topology

I have a mesh. It has shapekeys, drivers, parented to a rig, all kinds of stuff. I have another extremely similar mesh, identical vert count, topology, everything. Is there a way to swap the meshes, keeping all the keys, materials, drivers, etc… Both meshes are unwrapped identically as well.

You can use the join as shapes operator, under the dropdown in the shapekeys panel. The receiving object must be active.

I’ll experiment with that. Thank you.

If this is a movie, versus some kind of real-time situation, what I would do is to create two distinct shots … separate Scenes in one file, or separate blend-files linked to a common library of assets. Each shot is made, separately, using an identical camera position, lighting and so-on. At the moment that the change-of-clothes needs to occur, you simply cut from one shot to another. Nothing will be apparent on-screen.

By doing this, you leave yourself the option to decide exactly when the ideal moment of transition is. If you’ve left yourself some overlap in the two shots, you can put the “invisible cut” anywhere, and adjust it at any time.

I missed this response sundialsvc4, thank you. A solid approach to certain situations.