Swap out multiple uv image textures

I want to swap out 5 image textures in Cycles, in a a keyframed manner. So frames 1-10 it is image 1 shown, frames 11-20 image 2, etc…

I can create a chained set of mix shaders and keyframe those, or make a driver with them, but that’s ugly.

I can make them duplicates and keyframe their visibility, that’s even uglier.

So what is the best way to do it in cycles?

Have you looked into the UV warp modifier? I haven’t tried it in cycles, but can’t see why it wouldn’t work. I’ve used it for swapping out mouth shape textures for characters. Takes a bit of setting up but it’s flexible and powerful.

Here’s the author’s introduction, using it for cutout style animation, but the principle works the same in 3d.

Thanks for the video, I watched it. This is, as you guessed, for a mouth animation just like this one.

My head nearly exploded towards the end. It seems powerful but also needlessly complex.

I wound up just making a single sheet with multiple images spaced in quarters (for easy uv space manipulation), adding a uv mapping node and adding a driver to the y value. Then a bone to control the driver.

Sounds like a neat solution too. And my head exploded trying to sort this UV warp thing out initially as well. My setup ended up much simpler than the one in the video. :slight_smile: