Swap shape key and basis?

Using a cube and a sphere as an example, I want the cube to represent my shape key basis and an applied boolean modifier (i.e. the sphere indenting the cube) to represent my target shape key. I believe I need to apply the boolean modifier before I can even start using shape keys. This makes sense since it will create geometry which would likely confuse shape keys. But this means that when I create my basis shape key, I’m actually setting it to my target. (i.e. the deformed mesh that the boolean results in) What I would like to do is create say ‘shapekey1’, move the vertices to get back to my undeformed cube (where the basis should actually be) and then swap the basis and shapekey1. Is this a reasonable way to approach this? If so, how do I do it? If not, how should I be doing it?

Yes! Just use the arrows on the side to move the one you want to the top. Then enter and exit edit mode. That forces the object to rethink it’s geometry. You can also rename the keys so the top one is named basis. Any keys based on the original basis will still point to it with it’s new name. Any new keys created will be based on the new top key.

OK, bit of a glitch… but it does work.
I created a deformed cube.
Added a new shapekey and edited it back to square.
Moved the new shapekey to the top of the list.
– now the slider doesn’t work on the first key, but the pushpin(Always show the current shape) does show it’s proper shape.
Turn the pushpin on.
From the black triangle menu choose “New shape from mix”
That will copy that shape to a new key who’s slider works correctly.
Delete the bad key.

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Thanks SkpFX, that’s exactly what I was looking for!