Swapper Puzzle Game Concept | now Team Project

Hey everyone,
Swapper TestLevel Blendfile (2.77)

I created this small test level for a Puzzle Game idea I had in my mind for quite some time now.
The basic gameplay concept is about swapping position with a cube.

UPDATE: I made some small adjustments according to feedback I got. I hope this is more fun now.

Please download the blend-file and play it through and tell me what you liked, what was unclear or frustrating.
Looking forward to hearing from you guys. A playthrough video would also be very cool, if someone feels like making one.

Tell me if the concept has potential, so I can maybe create a full game from it.

Have a nice day and happy blending!


I just played it, and it is so fun! i love stuff like this. I definitely think you should make a full game out of this.:wink:

This is what I think:

  • Mouse needs to be slightly less sensitive and have a very subtle parent offset.
  • Less cube smoothing (the cube should fly faster when you move) That really annoyed me
  • Slightly slower player motion
  • Different types of cubes for different doors / Cube changes color sometimes
  • Make the target invisible / faded when the distance to the cube is to far
  • Shatter-able glass in some places

I think the game has much potential and I would like to help with it somehow, if you’re willing. One main thing I do not like about it though is that it resembles the game portal too much. Yes, many games nowadays are copies of other games but I think that because this game looks like a really fun and original idea, you should add some more variables to it, perhaps balls that you have to roll in addition to cubes, and / or power-ups to change the type of cube to unlock the next section.

I do not understand the purpose of those red things that look like livers.

Thanks for the feedback! The the liver-like things don´t have any purpose, other than being an easter egg.
I changed some things and created a playthrough.

Updated file

Yeah the controls feel much better but the cube is still too slow in my opinion.

Classy :slight_smile: It’s really fun to play with it, bravo !

Thanks for your feedback. I will eventually turn this project into a community Project. More infos on that will come soon.

This looks like fun. I’ll check it out and give some feedback after I do.

Here are some new Screens, after some Texturing work from AtomicSkill the game looks very awesome!

Question: Will there be any volunteer to create levels for this game? I will propably make this an open game project.


Looks fantastic. The level looks great. Any need for a programmer? I can design levels but I am better at programming.

Are the reflections cubemaps or renderToTexture or something else?

The reflections are render to texture. And there will also propably be a need for programmers. I´m gonna create a post in the Team Projects Forum.

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