Swapping apps in Windows while Blender Game is running

I have a Blender game running in Windows. If I Alt+Tab on my PC while in the game, I can swap over to another open application. It works fine - I cam also swap back to the game and continue.

However, when I run the game on someone else’s laptop, it still runs fine - but I can’t Alt+Tab to other open apps. I can see that the apps momentarily appear (for milliseconds), but the application does not become active. It does however, seem that the Blender game loses focus. I have to click on the Blender game to make it active again.

Does anybody know what I can do in Windows to also be able to Alt+Tab to other apps on the laptop? (I have only tested it on the one laptop. I guess it is a particular setting on the machine)


I know that this is probably not a 100% BGE problem, but I need a solution for this problem because of work done for a client. The client wants to be able to swap to other apps while using the “game” (more a teaching tool). I doesn’t help me saying “It works on my PC but I can’t get it to work on your laptop”. It’s probably more a laptop/graphics card configuration issue, but I’ve tried everything I thought may help - but still could not get it going.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.