Swapping Computer Components?


I’ve recently acquired a computer from my sister (she got a new one), and she knows I like tech stuff, so she sent it over. I took a look at the specs and, frankly, it’s got hardware I’d like to swap with my current computer. For various reasons, I can’t replace the actual computer, and I’d like to switch the components so the new computer (plus the old components) is still functional. So, without further ado, here are the components I’d like to swap out:

  • Graphics card: I want to switch an NVIDIA Geforce MX 440 (currently on the old computer, “old”) with a Radeon X 300 SE graphics card. There’s a secondary graphics card that’s the same, too; can that be switched to the old computer? (Note that I don’t have any CDs/DVDs that came with either card…)
  • CPU: I need to swap an Intel Pentium 4 2-core 3 GHz processor on the new computer with a single Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz processor. (Note that I don’t have any CDs/DVDs that came with either processor…)
    So, the question is: How can I do this? Can I do this? Can I do this without losing the data on either computer? If you can give me a guide or just a link to a good tutorial, I’d be very thankful. :o

Any help is greatly appreciated!

To swap the cpu you need to ensure that they are both the same socket type, if they aren’t, the “new” cpu won’t be compatible with your motherboard, and probably won’t even fit.

If you do replace the cpu, be careful with the heatsink on top, you dont want to accidentally break something. And you should probably buy some new thermal paste to apply.

With the video cards, if I found the specs correctly, they will not be able to be swapped, one is AGP 8x, and one is PCI-E, they aren’t interchangeable.

wait so which comp do you want to keep to use?

My old computer, with the new processor(s) and graphics cards.

Nvidia Geforces are good. I had an old graphics card (which they stopped producing years ago it’s so old) and I got a 210. Works great. Anything between 200-500 should be good for normal computing. Unless of course you want to do complex gpu renders of massive fire simulations with thousands of layers of resolution. Than you would need to get a quadro 6000.

Sure, I havent found any problems with the graphics card, except (even though it says it supports it), it doesnt support OpenGL 2.0, which is needed for the smoke sim and GLSL shading.

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I’m afraid the CPUs might require different sockets. A quick wikipedia search indicated that your old 2,4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU would fit a Socket 478, whereas the 3 GHZ Intel Pentium 4 dual-core would require a LGA 755 socket. If you could tell the exact model of the CPUs then you could find out for sure if they will fit or not.

By the sounds of things, this computer is MIGHTY old. Why EXACTLY can’t you use the other computer. It already has the better bits in it. I can’t immagine that a hardrive change (plus you ahve an extra one to use, just plug it in, make sure yuo are booting of your one, and format that one.)

I don’t see why you would want to keap a computer that is obviously worse, in favour of one that most likely has a better motherboard and you already know that it definately fits those pieces. Really confused here…

BTW the CD’s/DVDs that come with the processor ect, they aren’t neccesary if yuo have an internet connection. Because most (stress MOST) OS’s can detect and download drivers ect. off the internet.

What if I just swap the motherboards from the computers? Will I be able to use the old hard drive with the new board, processors, and GPU, all in the old case? Please help!

So I’m pretty sure I can swap the motherboards without many problems. Thanks!

You should be able to swap the motherboard as they are probably both in the ATX form factor… Beware though, I have only done it on one computer and it is a pain in the rear. You will want to make sure you have extra case screws, etc.