Swapping or flipping the animations of limbs across the rig?

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Former Max user and Newbie Blender user here. I have spent the last few days learning to rig and animate in Blender. I have been very happy with the tools thus far! However, I have run into an issue that I have been able to find very little information on. I have a symetrical flying creature that I have created states for, two states are for lateral movement. I would like to take the animation state I have created for left movement and flip it so that the animation keyframes and curves trade sides of the rig allowing it to be used for the right lateral movement animation state.

I did try the Flip Animation addon but it seems it is unfortunately not suppored by the current build of Blender.

Any help would be greatly appreciated even if it’s just directions to a post with the info I’m looking for.

Thank you!

See this tutorial:


Note in particular the bone naming conventions…

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In addition to what @clockmender pointed out (the naming convention, copying & pasting flipped pose in that tutorial), you can now copy & paste flipped in the dopesheet or f-curve editor. See here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.74/Animation#Animation_Editors

Previously, in blender, to copy an animation & paste a flipped animation, you could only do it pose by pose. That is, on every frame where you had a key frame, you had to copy that pose & then paste the flipped pose, advance to next key frame, & repeat the process. Very tedious work. I do not know of the addon you speak of, but I presume it automated this process.

With the 2.74 release of blender, you can now copy & paste via the f-curve editor or the dopesheet editor. I assume you can now select a range of keys, copy & paste flipped. I’m saying ‘I assume’ because I have not used this new feature yet…

A note about addons: they are python scripts written by users to automate tasks or preform other duties. Due to the ongoing development of blender, addons written for a previous version of blender may be broken in the current version because it is out-of-date with the current blender python API.

Good luck!