SWARM mod needs an character modeler (Zombie Mod)

Moderators - I didnt know where to post this, please redirect this… thank you!

Story - SWARM mod is a zombie mod that takes place in the Resident Evil world. With many missions to do, and a free roaming world in a large and detailed city. Once the city is bombed, you run for your life out of the city through the sewers and into a rural ruined farm village…

-The game will be never ending really based on the teams involvment.
-We will keep updating with new levels and places to explore.
-The game play is fast paced with all new custom weapons.
-Fight off swarms of over 50 zombies at once with smart AI by your side.
-The monsters will be custom programed by Flameknight7 giving a new feeling while fighting different enemies.
-Wars… You also get to fight along 10+ allies while trying to fend off SWARMS of enemies assaulting you.
-New melee system allows for precise melee combat with over 10 different melee weapons including shock rod and chain saw.

Game This is a mod for far cry. We would HIGHLY reccomend you have it already, but if you are smart and can prep it for export without it then thats fine as well. Far cry only costs $20.00 or less! and is well worth it.

We need you to be able to make zombie models, and various other models. You should be able to texture these, and if possible animate. Animating is Not required because we have an animator who does weapons but can do character animations as well. We need someone whos friendly and eager to produce well made models for us. We require you to have a messenger of some kind, i have everyone there is to make communication easier :wink: You must have expierence with blender or any other modeling program.

Thank you… if you wish to join submit a portfolio or a link to some of your work. Remember If you like zombies and monsters and can model them We need you! Thanks [!]

And what do YOU do?

I map, I can do some AI, and im working on architecture modeling :slight_smile: I didnt ask for your critisism, i asked for someone who can make character models… Thanks