SWAT KATS - Jake "Razor" Clawson 2021

Thank you so much. Happy to know I could invoke some childhood memories. :slight_smile:

that brings back memories. :slight_smile:
awesome work!!!

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Thank you hex. Tbone is coming up soon. :raised_hands:

Amazing work :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! :pray:t2:

Nice work.

Thank you Dave! :raised_hands:t4:

Man this was my favorite show growing up, thank you for this!

This is awesome work, keep it up.

Now do the Turbokat! :rofl:

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Oh thank you! It was my fav show too. T-bone is coming soon.

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Check out this article about what went behind the scenes building Razor on Blender.
Thank you @bartv and @Abby_Crawford for featuring my work. :heart_eyes:

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