Swat Lizard

My first real go at a subD model in Blender. The texture is a procedural placeholder - I’ll be texturing the whole thing later. Next job is the teeth and inner-mouth.



The control cage wireframe:


I’ll eventually do the whole body, based loosely on this concept:


Wow that’s really great !
Just two crits:
improve the skin shader
add a few wrinkles if you want

Here are two textures that my help you with the skin


@ Smathegreek:

Lookin’ good, GmanX! No real crits as such, other than you might want to make the crease one the chin and upper lip less defined…

Thanks for the comments guys. That first texture could certainly be useful.

I plan to use a cisplacement map (once the thing is UV’d) to add skin texture and wrinkles etc.

I’m wondering at the moment whether to disconnect the jaw to make it easier to model the inside of the mouth.