Swatch Chrono finished!

Yeap! I think it’is done ! ; ) And … I’ve also moved my site so stop flaming me please !

Still waiting for C&C both for the image and the site …

Modelling looks good, but the materials seem a bit flat and basic. The strap looks like it needs another level of subsurfs (the black stuff on the end where it connects to the timepiece.

This is very nice watch, actually. But one question about the strap: is it ment to look like plastic? But all in all, this far more better than my first “big, this time for real, never to be shown public” scene.


Hippie: Yes i’ts meant to look like plastic.

Pofo: Well … you are right about the subsurf. As for the textures: I’ve tried to follow exactly the colors ant textures of the watch.

I hear it. I tell you: I HEAR IT. Good work. Tic tic tic… under my pillow. Enough already! :smiley:

pretty great! is it a skin?

What do you mean by


The modelling is great and the textures work just about everywhere except the front glass (crystal?). Is should really show some sort of reflection of it’s environment.

it looks an interesting model to play with in yafray with GI!

CurtisS: You are absolutely right! I knew there is something missing! Well I’m gonna try to play a little with relfection maps on the glass. It wold be better to have some refraction too … but I think I’ll wait until Blender will have this feature.

aqa: I could give you the .blend file if you want to play with it

i asked if it was a swacth skin, u know the real thin model, does it ring a bell

vargblack: Got it! And nope; i’ts a cheep swatch whitch I’got for free at work doe to some celebration or something. Anyway on the box it came in says Swatch Chrono, but at the swatch site I could not locate the model. Don’t know … may be some cheap copy … :frowning: