Sway Motion During Movement

So after resolving my latest question: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?441108-AI-Random-Events

I apparently encountered another problem. When any AI utilizes the “Path Following”, it tends to make sharp turns. I’ve attempted to tamper with the properties in the steering actuator.

How do I fix this?

are you using the ‘Edit Object > track object’ actuator? if so, then you can simply adjust the time it takes to trackObject via the controller…in the field that is labeled ‘time’ try adjusting this value…maybe in small increments like 5 until you find a good fit…if it is too high they may not reach their goal and simply move in circles around it.

I’m not using the track object. I’m using the steering actuator.

I’m using the steering actuator.

It has the turn speed option default it’s 120, increase/decrease it.

I did, but I think it’s glitching.

I actually came up across a question on here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?369937-Path-Following-Turning-Speed-Too-Sharp-Steering-Actuator

As BluePrintRandom stated, it’s apparently glitched. It can be fixed by integrating this code:

if owner.worldLinearVelocity.magnitude > -0.5:
       MoveCopy = owner.worldLinearVelocity.copy()
       MoveCopy.z = 0
       owner.alignAxisToVect(MoveCopy, 0, 0.25)

That seem to do the job.