Swaying Object

Simple me, I thought if I added bones to an object and then added a wind force field the object would sway with the wind.

What am I missing to make this work.

The object has to be able to respond to physics (the Wind Force), so consider giving the object a Soft Body or a Cloth modifier, or even (if you will eventually have many such bendy sticks) use a Hair Emitter.

Thanks Chimasque. I did add a “Soft Body” to the polygons and the polys would move as a whole away from the wind but they would not bend, which is what I was hoping they would do. I want the base to be stationary and the top to sway slightly depending on the amount of wind that is applied. I also want to attach a plane object (for leaves) and have it sway with the wind.

You need to weight your vertices to respond differentially along the length of the object. I haven’t used Soft Body in a quite a while, but I think you should use the “Goal” vertex group for this. IIRC, the higher the weight in this group, the less the body reacts to the physics, so your “root” should be weight 1.0 and the “tip” weight zero, for example. But check the docs on this for 2.6x, as these are imperfect memories of 2.49b.

And make sure your Wind Force and the Soft Body object share a layer, just as with collision and other physics-baaed effects.