Sweblend 2 (Swedish blenderforum)

Now the Swedish blenderforum is online for real!
You who is used to elYsiun is going to feel like home.

Please, only register if you come from sweden.

From the 1 Jan to the 1 Feb, we are looking for moderators (Don’t beg for it) so if you are a active user till the 1 Feb, We maybe will make you Moderator.

(To you elysiun moderators:
this is a finished project, right?
else, move it where it belongs)

Kothe I can’t get in … just blank. thought you should know that :expressionless:
Installed firefox and now I’m in :smiley: And damn that is so nice:)

It should work in IE too now!

I have IE and it works good for me now. Have to change my sig now bye.

Great work, Kothe.

Thanks! Hope to see more new swedish faces in the future :wink:

Moved this to News & Chat, as this is the better place for this announcement.


Hmm. Might actually drop by to see if I can contribute. At a first glance, forum looks like it has potential. Just need more active users.

BgDM - Thanks!
Bellorum - Yea, that would be nice! The forum is just up on it’s first week so that’s why it’s very empty. It feels like it might become bigger! (I hope so)

Congrat [Kothe] !!

Looks nice as similar dark forum as Elysiun :slight_smile:

I might actually sign up as a member, but I am no rush, maybe I can help out or inform at the forum, we’ll see!


Thanks ztonzy…

but… hey? When did you become Admin? I though you “just” was moderator the other day?

I have been an admin here since spring last year :slight_smile: …but been moderator since 1 or 2 years before that (actually, I can’t remember exactly %|)


I’m a bit behind… doh! :expressionless: