Swedish or Nordic Blender Community?


I’m a swedish 3D artist based in Stockholm and I’ve been learning Blender for the last year. My post here is to ask if theres a local Blender community around to connect with? Or if ayone would be interested in making one?

I found some old thread on here from 2005 with talks about forming a community, also found some other forum where there were talks about meet ups like in 2017? Any of these still around? Otherwise I’d be down to make a discord server or something.

Any other Swedish/Nordic Blender artists that’d be interested in this?

Wow… the silence.

I used to work in Sweden, but not in cg so I can’t help on that front, though It’d be nice to.

I’d say your best bet, as much as I hate to say it, is to check for groups on facebook. I hate the centralization facebook creates, but let’s call a rock a rock, and this rock has the highest number of social groups you can find.