Sweep along path, sweep two rail, curve network

I had a moment of nostalgia and looked up Hexagon and Amapi Pro and noticed all the mesh modeling tools Blender does not have.

it has extrude, fill, bridge(loft), and that is kinda it.

No sweep a long a path and such for more complex demanding, non-linear surfacing needs.

I was curious why that is so.

True a sweep to rail you can just model by hand, extrude scale, extrude scale yadayadayada

but this can be pretty labor intensive

did you check latest curve addon?
there are addon for fill and bridge and many others tools not in internal blender

with time we might get more in later version with the new dev working on blender I hope

happy bl

There are so many ads-ons - which one do you mean ?

depends what you need

but I did use the curve tool and curve extra
these definitively give more tools - very handy

and there are others too

have fun with blender
happy bl

Of course you can use the nurbs - bezier tools

But this are added steps in a mesh modeling workflow