sweep problem

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I am a beginner in the blender. could anyone help me? why the sweep not come correctly when using the arch model?

sure I can help - are you using a mesh model or path?

i am using path.

Odd - could you share your file?

thanks for the reply.i attached here.arch.blend (800.0 KB)

Separate the arch from the cornice…and add the sweep to each…

hi, thanks for the reply.
i tried what you said but it comes different. I attached the image here. kindly see the image.
why the sweep tool not like SketchUp?it is very hard. sometimes, I got frustrated


Yep curves are finicky to deal with…
Easier to take and separate as you did, then on the cornice chance the handle type to Bezler and the curve to 2D, then on the ends extrude into the arch. Then on the arch you can just grab the lower points and move on the Z-axis ( I had to move the complete arch into the main box to get the outer edge to align with the Cornice)…

arch-02.blend (707.6 KB)

Here is a discussion on it,

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thanks for the reply.
you done it separate for the arch and cornice but my question is why does not come continually. anyway,you really did an effort for me thanks bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
i don’t know why the blender development does not consider this problem. if they consider it, it is really good.

I have no idea…but it is also somewhat the same with Bevels…Speaking of which…you could do the same thing extruding a bevel with a custom Profile…

At least it is an option!
Happy Blending!

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thaks bro for your kind reply