Sweet Box – Anime-style short animation

This is my first anime-style clip made with Blender 2.8 and Eevee. Of course, only very basic technics are used in this video, but here I share a small technical talk and wireframes.

Original article: https://erikaobama.com/en/sweet-box-en/
ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/58NJdW
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ySy4zAP20ng

Technical Breakdown

Modelled, rigged, animated, rendered with Blender 2.8]. Textures are made with Substance Painter (It saves tons of time, really!).
Technically, as I wrote earlier, only very basic technics are used in this stuff.

  • To make Outlines: Solidify modifier

    • Before add this, prepare a material for outlines.
    • Tip “Flip Normals” option.
    • Modify “Material Index Offset” to 1 or above. It depends on how many materials are assigned to each object.
  • To pop out the sweets: Rigid Body

    • Set type “active” to the sweets. Then, I’d like to say, make “passive” to the suitcase… No, don’t. When I tried, somehow its animation didn’t work even when I turned “animated” option on. So, I duplicated the suitcase and added “passive”, then hid this object. It worked nicely.
    • Add keyframes “0.000” and “1.000” on Rigid Body World section in “Scene Properties” panel to pop out them on the right time.

nice chibi art erika :smiley: .How long it take to render the whole animation??

Thank you! It took about 2 hours to render whole animation (20 sec* 340 frames) with Eevee. For wireframes, maybe more because they were rendered with Cycles.

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