Sweet girl

A sweet girl character inspired of some of the amazing works of Sam Yang, a very talented artist.
I sculpted the character first, then I retopologized that one manually. The entire scene was created in blender (modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and rendering). Finally I renderd 2 versions of the girls, one with volume lights and another with a flat black background.

Rendered in Cycles
optix denoice active
gpu rtx3070
1000 samples

Hope you like it.


That is really nice… I’m not an expert as I’m just learning … but looks nice

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Thank you so much Barbara :relaxed:

Good job. Nice model.

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thank you!

Do you retopo using Vanilla blender or Add-on?

I retopologized the character manually, so yes, Vanilla blender

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Aren’t you going to name her?

No, but I think that her name could be Rose :grin:

Hello, I am working on a short film and I am not that great at character design and especially skin texturing. Currently I am working alone on my short film, if you have time do you think we could get in touch?