SWEET! Spider-man 2 pre-vis animatics...

Check out today’s ( Jul 08, 2004) article at blender.org!
Is that cool or what?!

Can any one tell what version it is?

<edit>looks like 2.28</edit>

That’s WAY too cool. Looks like 2.26 ?

Yea that’s nice to see that someone at least is using blender in a major production. Even if it is the previs.

WOW, that is awesome! :smiley: If only they had used 2.33… :wink:

Looks like he’s using 2.26 (I zoomed in on this image http://www.blender.org/bf/spidey1.jpg). Also, on his gallery there’s a link to blender.nl

Soon we’ll be seeing news on Blender being the only app used for movies :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hope now blender won’t turn into a pre-vis tool :slight_smile:

Too late… it already is… and a game engine and an production animation suite of tools… The more areas of 3D/visual effects production blender can make its way into the better!

ooo yea, blender is finally used in a BIG project! :smiley:

You can code it into a build for that job. Hehehe. Nothing is stoping you. Hehehe.

Blend on!

Hey folks! Do you know what this means? We can finally have a “Hollywood” who’s who book in our office that shows off Blenders usage in some major Hollywood film. Hehehe. I hope that this film does well at the box office. Hummmmm.

You know I meant that I hope the developers do not start focusing on pre-vis only, instead of creating a full blown 3d app. That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

Anyhow, Spider-man 2!! Whooaaaa! I mean, I’m quite a huge Spider-man fan, comics collector (trying at least, it’s not that easy around here, since I know most of the people who like comics to some seriousness in my country, and that tells something, there aren’t a whole lot of them, no comics culture at all. Besides the obvious kiddie comics only Ultimate Spider-man is being published here, but it’s nowhere near the quality of the American version), I have seen Spider-man in the movie-theater about 8 times, and lot more than that on DVD. (And I’m a university educated man, no kiddie here -maybe inside :smiley: ) So, you couldn’t have named a larger project on which blender could have been used. There is none, this one tingles my Spider-sense !

Looked like 2.28 to me…I could very well be wrong though.

yes, this is exciting indeed

wow, what a pleasant suprise! Who knows, maybe we’ll see it being used (for full fx) in a movie soon!

Just to clear things up, it’s 2.28. The color in the header shows that.


It’s downright heart-warming to see Blender get the well-deserved

I dream of the day when Blender still is free…and a powerful tool
that the whole world prefers for both visualisation and production.

It’s also quite possible I’ll use it myself for TV-commercials,
but right now I use Blender for Product-packaging/wrapping
Company-Mascot’s and commercial ad stickers/brochures/
childrens-cut-out-dolls etc. Next week it’ll even be used in a
small games-production by a game-company I’m hiring for
the programming.

As for the “planned” TV-Commercials…I still have some rigging
issues to work out, it isn’t as comfortable as Character-studio was
and rigging/skinning is pure “*ell”…for now.

I’m so happy to see it was used to pre-visualize Spiderman2.
Gives me warm good feelings all over :slight_smile:

Take care all,
“Using Blender full-time in commercial production”

Well we did Hollywood. Hehehe. What’s next?

Some weeks ago I had a signature in my profile, I believe Blender defeat the prof 3D apps. And I think this was the start, I hope to see blender used like this more ofthen I think it wil be. Especially by artists and storyboards writers. Most of the times they don’t have all these expensieve products, so they use free programs from internet when they are at home. When they feel themselves comfortable with it, they try to use it at real work. And because storyboard writes are most of the time the most important people by producing a movie, we could probaly see more like this in the future, especially that 3D is getting more popular in movies for effects and impossible stunts. 8)

I just thought of something…

Most CG-studios have switched to Linux because it is Open Source. Their competitive edge is mostly based on certain special effects that are being developed in-house (the big CG-studios have more programmers employed then some big software companies) and they use Linux as they can tweak that OS into better performance for their own technologies. As Blender is now also Open Source it means that CG-studios can treat it the same way, use it to build specific effects and tweak the Blender software to their own specifications. It might be the one reason for big CG-studios to adopt Blender for serious work.

For one thing, why would a studio which has more programmers than for example alias need blender, when they can write their own ?:slight_smile:
For another, wouldn’t it sadden you to know that there is a studio that has a version of blender which can do complete cloth simulation, with fully simulated hair, and liquid dynamics, and it has a muscle system, and you will never see those features? (I mean done by them, for I’m sure sooner or rather later the developers will get to these :slight_smile: )

well, its released under the GPL.