Swim Dino, Swiiiim!

Here is a piece I was working on over the holiday. Dino learning to swim, floats into the wrong neighborhood. Is fish friends are urging him to Swim dino, Swiiiiiim


See ya!

I like that. That is really cute. Nice work :slight_smile:
Reminds me of Finding Nemo

Awesome piece. But hmm how did you do the bubbles? (material wise)

yeah I just used the ray mirror and translucency options, and tweaked them until done. However, to be honest, they are not very realistic to the characteristics of true bubbles in my opinion, just I was on a very limited time frame to work with, (you know, 1yr old baby and pregnant wife = very little time:()

I will put up a screen shot of the settings if you would like.

Thanks for the replies

That would be very cool! :slight_smile: Still the piece is quite nice. Made me smile there. I love the small fish :smiley:

Hahah, that’s quite an original spin on the scene.

I love the concept. The little floaties on his fins made me laugh. Keep up the work, and Im glad you can still find time for your blender friends

thanks for your comments. The floaties are the underwater version of the leg brace that Forest needed. Glad you like it!

That is very good, in my opinion. I especially like the expressions of the two fish off to the right.