Swim dino...Swiiim (Updated file, 2/1/2008)

Fixed areas that were commented on and now believe this to be finished. 2/1/2008

Story: A little dino called Jurasic Gump is learning to swim, but has swum into the wrong area. all his little fish buddies are urging him to swim to safety.“Swim dino…Swiiiiiim”

Sounds familiar?


Thanks for your comments guys!:smiley:

HAHAHAHAHA. that´s priceless. :smiley:

i love it

HA thats brilliant! Umm the only thing i can think of thats bothering me is the DOF, the contrast between the sharpness of the pinky fish and the rocks is abit off i think. Minor i know its still absolutly brilliant

absolutely love it!

I agree with Blenderizer; the fish and rock contrast is a bit distracting but other than that; PERFECT!!! Great job!

I just noticed this; “Jurasic” is really spelled “Jurassic” with two s’s.

Thanks for the comments guys. I will get those things fixed, and upload a newer version soon. Today is going to be drinking day… soooo… I don’t think it will be posted today. Have a great year this year!

I love it too. Lovely piece of work. Made me smile! :yes:

I just did some fix ups for it. It is now the top image!

Thanks for your replies everyone!