Swimming pool and (fake) caustics

Hi everybody!

I’m glad again to share my last work. Done enterely with Blender. Rendered with Cycles.

As you may guess, it’s based on one of the most famous paintings from the XX Century: A Bigger Splash, by David Hockney.

I have always been fascinated about the picture. Who was jumping from the diving board? Who lived in that house? I love that house and the pool, too, of course :wink:

As usual, I have written a short story about that very moment. You can read the story here. Before reading it, you must be aware: it’s a bit naughty :wink:

Going back to work. Caustics are not real, but a fake. They have nothing to do with the water surface, but with the pool ground, under the water. I have mixed the tile texture (typical from swimming pools) with wave texture (in two different directions). The tile texture has mix shader (difuse and glossy) and the wave texture is an emitter. I think it’s not so bad, like this. Tell me what you think!

Here is another shot. Almost an abstract photograph:

The two (actually three) pictures are connected by the story linked above.

Finally I want to say thank you to Macio and his Real Camera plugin, which I have used for the glare and the chromatic aberration. Thank you so much, Macio!

Here you can see a close up of the caustics:

Have a nice days!

Health and Love for everyone!!!