Swine Flu

Seeing how this is making headlines all over the place, what do you folks think? Is it a big thing to be concerned about, or is it all much ado about nothing? Can we expect to see martial laws being declared? Any thoughts?

Depends. If you’re near mexico, then yes. It’s spreading north, into california, and I’m in Oregon D:

The only people that seem to have been killed by it were living in Mexico, so I’m not really afraid yet.

What I am slightly amazed with is how the same virus seems to be getting noticed about everywhere right now, even without connections to the people in Mexico, which makes me wonder: was the virus there all along and did no one just really notice it before?

Well, the last big influenza outbreak only killed somewhere between 50 to 100 million people so…

This one is probably going to be like SARS or bird flu, some people will die but it won’t affect everybody.
I hope.

I think this swine flu is man made.This swine flu is a perfect combination of both Swine and Bird flu put together, plus with a bit of human flu added for good measure. Now I can’t see this happening naturally in nature, I mean when was the last time you saw a pig and flying bird having sex? Never!

It’s those evil scientists playing God again. It’s like when they invented the Asian flu a few years ago, to wipe out only Asians. And now they’re doing it again, but this time these evil scientists are targeting Mexicans. :yes:

If you want to know what is really going on,
go to www.infowars.com.

It sounds like people all over mexico are vomiting and dieing, up and down mexico.

There are cases in other countries as well.

And of course it was cultured in the lab at fort detrick, it is military grade strong.

I don’t discount your conspiracy theory, but would a pig and bird really need to have sex to spread an illness? Maybe the bird just dropped down and perched on the pig’s trough at a time when the pig was about to sneeze and got sneezed on?:eyebrowlift2:

Mandingo: you haven’t see “on the farm: volume 2”.

Personally i think it’s just another thing to scream about, for the news and the government. I mean, it’s flu for god sake, people go worse things and come out in perfect health.

People died in mexico, no where else, this could just be down to poor health care, now i don’t know the state of mexico’s health care system, but if it’s the only major cases of death then i’d say we don’t have anything to worry about, please don’t read that the wrong way, what i’m saying is that nations who have large stock piles and/ or plans of action for producing vacine that can deal with this shouldn’t really worry too much. I can’t say the same for under developed nations though, they always get hit hard by nature, but i can’t see any of the richer nations helping… they’ll probably just do what they normally do, send them a packet of rice and then bill them, then demand a tip for they’re service.

A caller from mecico just called in to the show and says the media is down playing the serverity of the situation,

he says there are 100’s of thousands are sick and at lest 1000 dead,
there are vomiting bloody, dark mucusy vomit all over the streets.
He says the city looks like somthing out of a hollywood movie, or “Left for Dead”

Living in New York city, I’m getting a little scared of the thing. We have 8 confirmed cases in Queens, (newspaper this morning said 20 confirmed but AP is still saying 8).

I’ve had a respiratory infection/sore throat for a week now, but no nausea and only mild fever.

Jplur: go to the doctors, or get some flu medicene and see how you go?

About that audio, that was scary. Why would the US militar wan’t to do that? It’d make no sense. Also 30 miles of rail road cars for dead bodies? hmm sound’s like a conspiracy theory, maybe they have 30 miles of rail road cars becuase the large companies arent shipping as many cars with the bad economny. Also perhaps the lorries were transporting vacines, after all they wouldn’t want them to be tracked down incase peopel tried to destroy them…

I dunno, if it turns out that the US military and the US goverment is infact behind then expect hollywood to produce a crap load of films about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Last Winter my sister brought home a bad flu-like bug from school and I started throwing up like heck in the middle of the night about 10 hours afterwards, I even threw up after drinking water, apparently other cases with the same bug sent various people to the hospital but my condition rapidly improved that afternoon without going to the hospital.

This appears to be different though, not sure how bad it will get.

Anyway, also just make sure that you just ignore ManDingo’s crazy theories, I did figure yesterday that he would post something like that.

Because no one read this the first time

" If you want to know what is really going on,
go to www.infowars.com.

It sounds like people all over mexico are vomiting and dieing, up and down mexico.

There are cases in other countries as well.

And of course it was cultured in the lab at fort detrick, it is military grade strong"

Swine flu? We don’t need no stinking swine flu. We are perfectly able to kill each other off without it!

Thank you, the management team.


Maybe if you post it a 3rd time? Infowars is rubbish.

I’m right next to Mexico (in San Diego). Just got back from an event in Nashville, TN
on Monday (April 20) night. I started getting sick, starting with a nasty throat (pain and…pain).
By Friday I had a nasty fever. Friday and Saturday felt like someone sitting on my chest.
That’s when I say on the news the whole thing about Swine Flu. I am sick of spending
money at the doctor only to find out that I need to just wait it out so I said screw it and
now I’m better (the next Monday). For real, I could have bought a PS3 and a new HDTV
with the money I’ve wasted on an educated guess and an experimental prescription.

I am still suspicious about the fact that the only reported deaths are in mexico. I mentioned that to my neighbor the other day and he said ,don’t worry people will start dying in the united states.It has been 2 days and the cases in the US seem to be recovering across the board.The data doesn’t fit. Also the idea that it is a racialy targeted engineered virus doesn’t pan out considering the large number of latin folks in the United States. Also infowars is having a field day with this, like they do with everything.

Not amused:


On a side note, call it “slime flu” if you want to troll people IRL
“Yeah man I’m really scared of this whole Slime Flu thing”
“it’s SWINE FLU”