Swine Flu

So infowars is both saying that the swine flu is a hoax, but also that it’s being downplayed and that thousands are dead and tens of thousands sick and vomiting blood?


I’m worried about it, but the way news travels so quickly now, I think there’s a good chance that not much will come of it. It’s scary, tho. But living conditions have a lot to do with the spread of disease.

Not to sound racist, but I happen to work with a LOT of Mexicans, and I can tell you that their general cleanliness habits are usually not good at all. I just don’t think that cleanliness is something that’s stressed much in their daily lives… For example… most of them discard their used toilet paper onto the floor or into trash cans. I’m completely serious, and they have even had to post signs in the restrooms instructing people - in spanish - how to properly wipe their asses and flush the discarded paper. I don’t use the bathrooms at work if I can ever help it, and I an constantly cleaning everything around me, washing my hands with my own sanitizers and soap, etc… I don’t even like touching the door handles in that place anymore.

The mexicans there are temp labor who just do the crap jobs, but most of them are fresh out of mexico and barely know the language or how to behave. It’s kinda crazy, and the number of them in the area is the one thing that really scares me about the situation in mexico. Some of them get sick and all of them will get sick. If that happens I’ve got about a month’s supply of Ramen noodles in my house and I’ll just disconnect from society and live on noodles in my heavily sanitized house for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

What he said.

They also say that HAARP is creating earthquakes as some kind of mega weapon and US presidents attend a secret Sumerian sacrifice ceremony with a paper mache corpse.

Well thats over the top. You can’t make a statement like that based on some guys you work with. Sanitation and public hygeine education is lower in much of mexico than the united states, sure. But you’re using a disgusting anecdote to stereotype a nation.

There have been studies done showing half of people in London don’t wash their hands after defecating. Also studies that show fecal matter is widely present in public transportation in New York and London. (the rails, handholds) Airplane bathrooms have an incredibly high amount due to the pressurized toilets.

Fecal matter is only one way to catch a flu virus. Airborn droplets from coughing/sneezing and general human contact are pretty hard to avoid in crowded areas.

Really, everyone should watch the following ad to get a solid understanding of why it’s hard to avoid catching a virus in crowded areas:

Enjoy your lunch! :RocknRoll:

I just don’t think that cleanliness is something that’s stressed much in their daily lives… For example… most of them discard their used toilet paper onto the floor or into trash cans.

Okay, I had this same concern the first time I was working in an area with this occurring until I talked to someone and found that the norm in the country is to dispose of the paper in ‘la basura’ (trash receptacle) instead of the plumbing because the paper can cause problems with septic systems and substandard plumbing in country homes… so it isn’t because they were disrespectful or lazy - they were only being considerate of the facilities. Later on, there were problems at work from too much paper causing a back up, and the rest of us were instructed to do the same thing fro awhile.

Just pointing out that sometimes there is another angle to look at before the story is finished.

I just go with what I know. Stereotypes != Racism. Obviously not all Mexicans behave like that, but that’s what I have to go on from personal experience having never been to Mexico or known many other mexican people (though I know a lot of Puerto Ricans as well and have entirely different stereotypes for them). Honestly, I wouldn’t really want to go there, aside from that whole pig flu thing going on right now, I mean. Even if only 1% of the people there behaved according to that stereotype, that would be far too many for my tastes. Logically, I have to assume that not all of them are like that, and I would hope that very few of them were like that, indeed.

Nevertheless… I have to go with what I know. You can show me books and articles and photos of how great Mexico and it’s people and culture are, but I have personal, first hand experience with what may be a highly disproportionate percentage of Mexicans that fit this stereotype, and no matter what, my brain will not easily let go of that. We;re all just built that way.

Regardless… if any of THOSE guys get this bug somehow, my workplace will be crawling with it quicker than you can spit, and I’m willing to bet that a lot of places in the US that hire Mexicans with visas will be the same way. It’s just something to consider as it pertains to the way this thing might possibly spread here.

EDIT: I know they weren’t trying to be rude or disgusting. They’re just used to a different way of doing things. It might seem polite to them, but it’s still disregarding sanitary procedure in favor of preventing plumbing problems. Outhouses used to be common in the US, but once we found a more sanitary way of doing things, we changed our behavior. We still use outhouses all the time, tho, when it’s more convenient (outdoor concerts and events, construction sites, etc…). The point is that that’s what many of them are used to doing. I’m not trying to insinuate that they’re evil or anything. Polite or not, tho, it’s not sanitary, and when you’re talking about a potential pandemic situation, sanitation counts a lot.



Okay - so how many people live in mexico? and 100± dies of a flu.

It’s the end of the world - lord help us.

People, when 1 000 cases are reported of the same virus world wide and that turns into 3000 cases the next day with 500 dead and 15 000 cases with 4000 dead the day after THEN we should start worrying. Even if we end up with 60 million people dead like with the old flues (spanish etc) there are still like 6 billion people gonna be left on planet earth… at worst a single country might be wiped out in terms of population and YES 60 million people dead because we spend more on bombs and lies than medicine and the environment is a tragedy, but not a world ending one. We seriously have killed and will probably kill more people in the future than what the next great flu epedemic will.

I don´t think you understand exponential growth (logistical growth actually). Or medicine development.

the spanish flu killed half the population, now this is a mutation of that flu, so let’s say it’s potentialy more virulent and that the current medicenes we have are not effective, or the virus mutants on transmission, then we could assume that more than half of the population would die, what’s that… just over 3 billion people?

if you look at the outbreaks, it’s wierd, they’re everywhere but china, africa, russia and the middle east. But then again it looks like it’s travelled from mexico to australia and is spreading towards europe from that direction, and the same can be said, it’s traveling from western europe eastwards.

Anyway i wouldn’t worry about this really, until it’s reached a stage where alerts are issued and people start dropping dead around me.

About the cleanliness habits…
I’ve been to Spain and I have friends who have been to US, my brother to Germany, other friends to US.

We all considered that there were serious hygiene problems on this places we were.
For example, I want to eat in a buffet restaurant where you serve yourself, pay, than you go and eat. And there were no place to wash your hands between the paying and the eating part. A restaurant like that would NEVER be allowed to stay open in here. Or letting a single person to handle both food and money.
Or even people who sell food or work with food and don’t wear gloves and hair-nets (they handle with other people food).

So, don’t judge people so fast.
The toilet paper in a trash-bin has an explanation. We have this problem also, in most of our cities.
The sewage network… sewer pipes or however you call it, are small in diameter. If you instruct people to throw waste through there, people dispose more than just toilet paper. Pipes get blocked and whole neighbourhoods can get without ANY kind of sewage-collect.
I know this is true, because this is something that happens when, for example, tourists from places that use the toilet as disposal, come here and end up damaging the sewage system (by throwing plastics, fabric, food, etc).

Over here we also use trash-bins. But the garbage is collect every day… or almost every day. If people wash their hands every single time they leave toilet, and don’t put their hands on their eyes, mouth, etc while they are inside, there is no problem.

People, it’s just another fnord being told because there haven’t been enough major terrorist attacks lately.

Gotta keep the peasants scared eh?

The Human race is disgusting. PERIOD!

Humans have wars that kill millions , murder and rape and torture and hate and humiliate your own kind.

This is why the universal travel guide marks the Earth as the worst place to visit of all planets.

Hopefully this flu thing will wipe out the human race and I can bring my family, from my planet, here and inhabit this beautiful planet that Humans are totally screwing up!!!

Neither of those 2 arguments justify the deaths of millions, let alone hundreds or even one. It would be a terrible thing, simple as that.

Here I was thinking we were safe in Australia, out own little isolated island/country. There was 19 suspected cases here this morning, 70 now. Although youd imagine that anyone with flu symptoms would be rushing to hospital with all this stupid media coverage.

I dont think its anything worth being overly concerned about, not just yet anyway.

Ahaaa man i think it’s about time you put your foil hat back on, de’m pesky rays be getting to ya brainz.

This is a quote from the editor at www.naturalnews.com

"Is there any hard evidence of laboratory origins?

As of this moment, I have not personally seen any conclusive evidence of laboratory origins for this H1N1 swine flu. I am open to the possibility that new evidence may emerge in this direction, however, and I am suspicious of the genetic makeup of the virus as one possible indicator of its origins.

I am not a medical specialist in the area of infectious disease, but I have studied microbiology, genetics and a considerable amount of material on pandemics. What seems suspicious to me is the hybrid origin of the viral fragments found in H1N1 influenza. According to reports in the mainstream media (which has no reason to lie about this particular detail), this strain of influenza contains viral code fragments from:

• Human influenza
• Bird Flu from North America
• Swine flu from Europe
• Swine flu from Asia

This is rather astonishing to realize, because for this to have been a natural combination of viral fragments, it means an infected bird from North America would have had to infect pigs in Europe, then be re-infected by those some pigs with an unlikely cross-species mutation that allowed the bird to carry it again, then that bird would have had to fly to Asia and infected pigs there, and those Asian pigs then mutated the virus once again (while preserving the European swine and bird flu elements) to become human transmittable, and then a human would have had to catch that virus from the Asian pigs – in Mexico! – and spread it to others. (This isn’t the only explanation of how it could have happened, but it is one scenario that gives you an idea of the complexity of such a thing happening)."

Hey, if people start dropping dead around you, maybe ye should sniff ye old arm pits.
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Go look what the pro’s say: http://www.who.int/en/

Media is so… unreliable…



Nobody ‘engineered’ anything. The swine flu virus is made up of 8 RNA strands. It infects cells and hijacks cell mechanics to make copies of its RNA strands and create new viruses. If a cell is infected with different strains of the virus, the RNA strands are mixed and result in the new strain.

I’m not a doctor or scientist, but neither is the natural food nut who wrote that editorial. Secret government projects that want to kill off people to stabilize the population? Population is stabilizing already, without their help.:

Is your guide the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”?:eyebrowlift:

So the flu wipes out the human race for instance, the same race that has killed a bunch of majestic carnivorous animals practically to extinction, what about those who are in human form, but don’t have human souls (like me who has a Dragon soul)?

Don’t blame me if I accuse humans of certain things they did wipe Dragons clean off of Europe.

If you accuse humans of wrecking the environment for instance I hear a certain island near Galveston in Texas is right now almost completely de-populated, let’s turn that into a nature preserve, oh, and a county in my state has been severely de-populating (maybe turn the whole county into a preserve if the population nearly goes down to 0). I’m not entirely kidding about that last part