Swiss chalet interior


(Jérémiah Ravry) #1

Hello everybody !

I’m working on a scene, and I need critiques to finish it properly. I still think some things are missing but I can’t put the finger on it. Some additionnal props, stories to make it live, technical details ?

I’m gonna continue to work on the textures, because we can clearly see the repetition of the wood on the ceiling and the plaster on the background wall.
My next step is to create a little something to complete the exterior, that can’t be seen through the window now.

Please feel free to comment ! :smile:

(Paweł Cissewski) #2

Unfortunately I am not an expert you are looking for , and honestly I have no idea what is missing in this picture , and since I am not able (yet) to create interior like this one , I came here to say that it looks awesome. Coach looks like the main “story” of this image and it is easy on my eyes.
Great work so far , I am looking forward to see final version.

(James) #3

Id spend some more time on the glass shaders… the ones on the table don’t look right.

(Knight135531) #4

Well the top looks unrealistically empty try adding wall clock to fill it up

(Zakousky) #5

Pretty good ! May be some ameliorations on the fire and the foreground glasses… Good choices for the Blue Ray jackets :wink:

(GarageFarm.NET) #6

The leather couch is the star of the picture and it still needs some love (as it draws the most attention of the viewer)
The leather pillows look a bit clumsy. Some sculpting needed here.
(I know how hard it is to get this right - struggling with it myself now while doing a tutorial on this subject :slight_smile: )

good luck. You already have a lot looking good.
Now it needs the push to the top…

Jarek D(DJ)

(lolwel21) #7

On a related note, the carpet looks a little too scraggly and not soft enough.
Since the strands are so reflective, I’m going to make an inference on the type of carpet you’re going for, but I could always be wrong.
I would comb the base hairs and use Interpolated children, and every here and there create a parent hair that sticks up a bit more than the rest.
Note: Make sure all the strands stick out a bit, and aren’t just slicked up against the carpet surface.

As for the density of parent hairs, that should be a bit denser than the ‘clump-size’ (bunches of strands going in roughly the same direction) of your carpet.

I would also turn down the random factor, staying just to the point where it doesn’t feel unnaturally straight or homogeneous.
Final note on the shader: if it looks too dense, try turning up the translucency instead.


Is that a toodler with ADHD?


(Jérémiah Ravry) #9

Thanks for all of your comments !

This is where I am now. I just want to add some elements outside and render all the things ! :smiley: