Swiss watch

Hello Blender community ! :slight_smile:

This is my first posting here.

P.S: I’m a beginner so critiques are very welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi SivaS,
I think your composition and lighting need more work.

We don’t see the watch. It’s the subject of your picture but it’s on the corner of the image and the rest is just a big black hole. Look at ads to see how professionnals compose their pictures, it can help you a lot.
Same thing for the light. It should enhance the watch, reveal the watch face, shows reflections on metal. Speaking of that I think the watch’s bracelet is too dull.

Also let more passes on cycle.

Hi _jb4x,

Thanks a lot for your recommendations, and advices. I will work on that and see how it turns out.
By the way, what is the average number of passes are needed in order to render a decent picture ? Passed about 250 passes I don’t see much differences…

Hi, it depends a lot of your scene and of materials you use. Sometimes it can reach 1000+ passes, sometimes 100 passes is good. No rules for that. Just, let your computer on, and see how your image looks like.