Switch back from Cycles to Blender internal materials - problem

Im happy blender user for 2 weeks, in the past i used Max, Maya and Solidworks.
I have a scene which i rendered with cycles, and it turned out great,

but now i have to export it in x3d, which requires Blender Internal materials.
I removed the Cycles material, assigned new BI material, thus keeping the UVmap.
My question is, do I have to remake the materials, or is there a simple way to use the diffuse map from the cycles materials?
Thanks in advance

From what I understand, UVs and Textures are separate from the two rendering engines. It’s just different in how they’re accessed depending on if you’re using BI or Cycles. UVs are retained and listed under object data, and textures via internal (without nodes) are under the texture data rather than materials.

So if it’s UV’d and textured, they should still be referenced in the file (provided you didn’t save and re-open) it’s just a matter of making sure they’re assigned to a material appropriate for the render engine being used.

I know it’s possible to some extent, but somebody more experienced can probably fill in the details.