Switch between 2 different modal addons

Hey guys, I have a Addon A and Addon B that I set to hotkeys Shift F and Ctrl F respectively. They are both giant modals with tons of commands, and pressing ESC exits them. So generally I go into A with Shift F, then ESC, then Ctrl F to enter addon B.

Is there a way I can run Addon B from within Addon A and vice versa? I want to remove the cancelation step and just have it all be done automatically when I press shift f / ctrl f.

I can’t figure out the order though because obviously if I cancel the modal then it won’t run anything after, and if I go execute the object.addonb hotkey then I haven’t canceled the first addon.

Does that make any sense?

Thanks for any help!

Just call the addon… from addonA’s invoke or modal: boy.ops.addonb.whatever(‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’)

Awesome, thank you!