Switch between multiple camera

I cannot switch between multiple camera’s anymore blender 2.82
B or Ctrl B to add a camera in de time line is not working anymore.
When I switch and then bind a camera in the timeline al camera are the same.
Bind camera to markers why not bind selected camera to marker.

Not sure here 2.82, but it seems like ctrl b gives unpredictable results while the menu seems to be more predictable. The marker label will change to the camera name when its bound. When that happens it works here.


English please (youtube) by the way i like shortkeys. Select camera the Ctrl+B is not working for me, i can do it with the marker menu camera bind to markers. Time line has different marker cameras.Timeline play switching camera does not work!?

I cannot think of what might be happening… Are you in camera view, 0? When in camera view is just uses the camera that is already the active camera?

try selecting the camera and then ctrl + numpad 0 to set the camera that camera as rendering camera…? if you press 0 its always gonna be set to that camera you set, if you select another camera likewise, it will become the main rendering camera…

Thanks Ctrl+B is still not working have to use the menu Blender 2.82. Camera switch is not working just rendered a sample file.Toyota_Auris_Mcamera.blend

The mouse pointer must be over the marked area for the key combination to work (see picture). As far as I know, this is relatively new (2.80 ?).

I tried to find out what’s wrong with your scene. But I couldn’t find an answer. However, it worked as soon as I replaced your cameras with new ones. Hope it helps …

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Ok thanks I will replace the camera s
Many thanks new camera’s works.

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