Switch node in blender

I have inherited some models which were originally written in MultiGen’s Creator and saved as OpenFlight. The files have switch nodes which are used to control some optional piece of the model in model. Is there a way to do this in blender? I have had a look at constraints but they just seem to deal with tracking or transformation. What I need is way to specify an optional node which our game engine will turn on or off as needed.

Please make it clear exactly what you want with annotated screenshots/screencasts and supply a demo blend file. Please don’t rely on other people having to use guesswork

Your current post seems vague and unclear. Do you want something in blender or export something. If exporting to another application what does it support etc etc

What I need is a model that I can export and create a switch node within that model which has two options to it. For example if the value is set to 0 one piece of geometry is visible if the value is set to 1 the original piece of visible model is made invisible and another piece of geometry is made visible. The switch node is the parent of both optional parts. The Collada format supports this in its schema. Does such a object exist in Blender? I know objects can have a parent and that parent could be an empty but this doesn’t guarantee the Collada export will generate the correct XML.

I don’t know to implement this in Blender and export it correctly. Any blend file I generate who be a guess on my part.