Switch simple mesh to complex mesh with rigs but keep actions?

I have learned from sintel tutorials of sintel’s work sequence, they animate sintel with simple mesh, then rendered it with complex mesh but keep action reserved, so I make two character with makehuman, one named for example human_simple, another named human_complex, then I linked them into a file, I add proxy rig for human_simple, then switch mesh to human_complex, the result is that I can not control human_complex with proxy rig, so any tips about mesh switching?:smiley:
Help me please, I just watched tutorials but without source file, unluckily, so any tips?

OK, I have found the answer that we can bind both simple complex mesh to the same rig, then name them into simple and complex group, then linked them into another file, at last, when we make proxy rig to the linked group, because they have been binded to the same rig, so when we switch the mesh for example from simple to complex, we can keep the animation for both mesh.