Switch texture with a button

Hi everyone, here is a new doubt in my project, I’ve allready searched in the forum with no results but I might be searching wrong or i don’t know where to start.

Well, my problem is that I want to change te texture of my model with the action of a button pressed with the mouse, one of my possible solutions is to make visible or invsible the same model with diferent texture, but the problem might be the performance, anyway I am not so sure about this. It will be great if I find the way of just change the texture of the model.

Any help will be apreciated.

You may want to use the Edit Object Actuator- Replace Mesh with the new mesh having a different texture applied.

Thank you for your answer, its other option like the visible/invisible one and I might rather use this one but I still hope I can find a way to replace only the texture.

Thanks again for your help :smiley:

Any ideas about changing texture only?

you can give your object 2 materials, both with onother texture applied, than make an animation to change the material.

You can use python and the VideoTexture module to change textures. Even load external textures dynamically. It’s a good option if you know python.

Any script where I can start?

This is the only tutorial I know of, and I haven’t found any documentation anywhere, but you should be able to figure it out from this if you know python.