Switch to another image on a UV


I’ll try with english :

I’ve created a UV with a blank image, putted it as texture, set UV, and cliqued the little paint button to choose my brush.
When i paint on the 3D viex it works good.
But now, i made a second blank image with the same unwrap, putted it as texture but with the normal parameter to paint some bumps effects on the 3D view.
The probleme is : when i draw on the UV image directly it works, but when i paint on the 3D view, it paint it on the first UV image (the colored one).
Yesturday it worked, i could paint differently on 2 different mixed UV image but i don’t know exactly how i did and i can’t do it again !! I don’t understand how Blender know the image i want to paint. The little paint button on the texture channel (show brush texture) is not a children of the texture. I tried to set the image UV with paint, and the other with mask, i tried to unset the first texture… But i can’t have both texture mixed with the select of the UV image on 3Dview :frowning:
I precise i don’t want to paint them at same time, i just want to switch them but with the same mixed on render. Sorry for my english.

What i didn’t understand with that ? Did i had a bogue yesturday that making that possible ? Thanks for help.

Solved !
I tryed and retryed and retryed again and now i understand :

I must unwrap again the mesh even if i still unwrapped it before to select the texture i want to paint…
I think Blender wasn’t ready for that option and it can’t work on two UV on the same wrap because it’s the unwrap function that select the picture to paint. Good to know, now i can paint my bumps with some other texture under the stack :slight_smile: