Switch to selection mode?

So i am trying to configure 2.8 and do the switch.
I havent found how in edit mode i can switch from a tool to the default select mode. Right now i select a knife e.g and after i finish i have to switch to select mode by clicking and this makes tools sticky.
Is there a way around it or should i just add a shortcut to select?


No way around it, tools are persistent until you choose another one.

I guessed so. Option to press esc and exit current tool would be awesome.
Thanks for your reply.

If you set knife as active tool, you can call Box Select by pressing B without changing active tool.

Pressing W choose Box Select as active tool.
When Box Select is active tool, you can press K to use knife without changing active tool.

To switch between active tools, you can press shift spacebar and then shortcut displayed in menu, associated to tool.