Switch trackers from camera to object

I started tracking some dots on a moving object, but I forgot to add an “object” before tracking, so all the track data is for the “Camera” instead.

How can I transfer the tracked points from the camera to the object instead? I didnt solve anything yet, I’ve only finished tracking.

A picture to show the problem. I want to transfer the trackers from the camera to the object.

So, is there anyone who can help me?

why not track the points again?
I don’t think you can transfer tracking markers

I’d rather not track again, because it was quite hard to get a nice track; there was a lot of manual keyframing involved.

I know that Syntheyes has the ability to transfer trackers with just a right-click, so I also assumed Blender could as well. I’m guessing it won’t be that hard to implement, so perhaps it might be added later.

Hi blazraidr,
I did exactly the same thing some minutes ago…

  1. Mark all the wanted tracks with the camera as the active one in Objects list
  2. In the Movie Clip Editor menu bar click on “Track”
  3. select: “Copy Tracks”
  4. Select your new object as active instead the camera (should be empty for you)
  5. select: “Paste Tracks” from the Track menu point from before
  6. smile, because you saved hours and so did I.

When something is unclear, let me know.


Thank you! I have a few questions.
3. I selected it with clicking on the right side of the mouse “copy tracks”
4. How do I make my new object as active? Which steps do I have to follow to make it active?