switch weapon

what are the easiest ways to do this? does anyone have any samples? can it be done with logic bricks?

Umm, not sure how much this would help, but it swaps weapons. I never made this a full fledged tutorial… so you’d have to figure out things for yourself. Basically it switches meshes.


Jason Lin

Thank you! Did you perant the gun to the bone or what? im a little confused, but i think i gots the idea, thank you! And thanks to the guy who posted the question, i was just about to post the same question =-)

I’ve got a system setup for my game where the weapon swapping is controlled by the visibility actuator. The weapons are each separate objects set up on a separate layer and parented to the main character’s fists, so that they’ll animate properly.

Give each weapon actor 2 actuators: visibility:visible and visibility:invisible

On the main character actor you could have Keyboard sensors, say 1 pistol, 2 machine gun.

Keyboard 1------and------(pistol actor: visible)(machine gun actor: invisible)

Keyboard 2------and------(pistol actor: invisible)(machine gun actor: visible)

Maybe that might help you. It gave me alot more flexibilty than my replace mesh tests. I’ve got some other logic setup so that the weapons disappear when the game starts.