switching backed lights in realtime

Hello ,

I’m planning to do a project which is a presentation/simulation for a light vendor. I’m of course very interested by the look of the radiosity rooms (baked in objects). It looks just fantastic .
The problem is that the room can change ( height) and some lights can be present or not.
There’s a finite combinations of lights visible/hidden and objects visible/hidden.

I’m looking for solutions to do that. Maybe i can …

1- using remotely radiosity renderer from GE in python ? ( doesn’t have to be real time) . User adjust properties, calculate, then move in the new environment . that one would be perfect !!

2- baking all combinations in objects and switch lighting info in realtime ? I don’t know how to do that at all.

3- Code a realtime radiosity engine in GE ? (sorry… cannot do that :frowning:

That’s all so far . If anyone have an idea, i would be gracefully happy :slight_smile:


You could just have a few scenes, each with different heights and lights for your room. Then just switch scenes for the one you want.

what Joeman16 said :wink:

Thank you guys,

i think i will do that. In addition, it will be all offline, i don’t care about the size.

It will be easier to manage than 250 videos to select and play, in all case :slight_smile: