Switching between IK and FK

As I continue to learn animation and rigging, I am always comming across things I dont understand or do not know how to do. A few rigs Ive come across lately, the arms switch between IK and FK as the user moves an object from one location to another. Can someone let me in on how this is achived or at least a link where I can get started. I find I learn so much more If the answers are not fully given to me so I have to dig and try, try, try till I get it. Anyway, any help would be greatly helpful. Thx Mux

Been messing with that just now to see if it works.
You do it the same way you add drivers to shapekeys, or so I think.
Because when I edit the keys in the IPO window I can’t see the keys after I select another bone, or the object or move the view etc. When I press N for the properties I can’t manually enter the values for the points in the curve? but I can ctrl click add new ones, which I cannot delete with x without removing everything from view?

So basically, I think it should work by setting up your IK, select the bone that has the IK constraint, go to IPO window, set it to constraint type, you should now see one type of ipo appear for your bone, it has no curves or nothing. you press N and select add driver.
Choose your object to drive it, then you can do stuff like give the object that’s driving it limit location/rotation constraints etc…

To switch between IK and FK there is a button on the Armature tab which gives you auto IK if pressed (dark grey) if unpressed it swithces auto IK off.
If you have an IK chain constrained by an IK solver you can switch this off by lowering the influence of the IK solver in the constraint panel for that particular bone.

Thank you FreakyDude that is exactly how that works. My only problem now is that when I start setting that up I Add Driver>Add Driver Object>Add Diver Type>Add Driver Channel then for some reason the “visable curves” do not show up. At the time I post this I really havent played around with it to much but I have found that i get a Blender Error and Blender crashes when I start to set this up in the IPO then select an object in the 3D window …After that the Driver disappears. When I go Add Driver again Blender Crashes. Ill continue to play around with this

Thanks again FreakyDude. Ive got it figured out. The main thing I was not doing was hitting the Button “IPO is connected to pose action” I did though come across many Blender Crashes while trying to figure this out Im sure they have been reported but if anyone knows that they havent, let me know and ill report them. They mostly came while in the Constraints IPO, While I know now I was doing things wrong, but none the less they did crash Blender.
Thanks again. Mux

thanks guys
I didn’t know how this worked either
but now I do!

glad you figured it out, I didn’t think about this stuff untill you asked about it, and since I’d just done some driven keyshapes… it fell into place.
I had some of the same problems you had with it, but I intend to dig into it this weekend, on my own rig. Man am I glad you asked this question, I have a whole lot of new ideas now…

Yea you are right, this does open a lot of doors whith many knew ideas. Thanks again for the help. Mux